Ideas and inspiration from diginate customers

Illustrated promo stickers

Ian Watson is a Cardiff based illustrator. His striking designs look great on Diginate matt vinyl stickers:

"Got some heavyweight matte vinyl stickers printed last week - I love stickers! Something about never quite growing up... anyway they were printed by Diginate who also made my Lycan Mask stickers and the Elephant stickers which came in the Truckers of Husk Cassette. These ones are 7cm in diameter, perfect for the steerer tube on your bike and being vinyl and very hard to remove the rain won't bother them!

Diginate also offer excellent services such as helping to produce contour-cut stickers which I found really useful and discounts for all sorts of printing so I can recommend them if you are thinking of getting some interesting print work done!

I gave a few of the Gas Goat stickers pictured above to buyers of my wares at the Natural Snow Buildings gig the other night but mainly they will be getting sent out with orders from my shoppe."

Check out more of Ian's work at www.uhohwatson.com