Ideas and inspiration from diginate customers

Bespoke motorbike stickers

Apple Custard Studios are a design studio working in the realms of Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, Retouching and all things weird and wonderful.

"Mikes Bikes is a choice team of designers and mechanics that specialise in producing bespoke motorcycles and restoring classics.  We are tasked with producing the branding material and apart of that was to produce some promotional stickers, which the Mikes Bikes team have decided to turn into a part of their uniforms!

We chose Diginate to assist us on this project, as we needed a service that could come face to face with our intense printing needs and intricacy and merely laugh in it's face. Diginate laughed hard and fierce whilst producing some beautifully crafted spot gloss stickers which have been well received.  We thank them for all their hard work and dedication; but now we must warn that you will be getting sick at the sight of us!"
Emmerson Mahoney - Creative Director.

Find out more at www.applecustardstudios.co.uk