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Product labels

Tip Juice is a small company based in Aberdeen, Scotland. We make Hand Balm for climbers, which helps heal, soothe and moisturize our skin when we are away climbing on trips or just day to day climbing. 

Tip Juice hand balm was never aimed at the masses. It was a kitchen job. Carefully put together by hand, purely to satisfy our needs. The name was leaked, and Tip Juice became a sort of 'underground legend'. People loved the Juice. So here we are, after extensive experimentation in our kitchen.

It soothes. It calms. It nourishes. It relieves. It promotes skin renewal. It keeps you climbing.

We still make Tip Juice by hand, no machines, just pots and pans. Using only the finest natural and vegan ingredients, Tip Juice is sure to keep your fingertips prime.?? We use Diginate for our Labels, stickers and posters. They have always managed to do an awesome job on the printing, and they are easy and friendly to work with.

Our product image is something we pride ourselves on, after all, this is the first thing the potential customer will see. We believe that the high quality printing that we have done by Diginate is why our product stands out from the rest.