Ideas and inspiration from diginate customers

Cricket bat stickers

RML Cricket is a new business that tries to offer something to everyone in cricket. They offer coaching, scoring solutions and sell cricket related equipment and apparel.
"Our latest project is the wildFire Cricket equipment range. The wildFire Burn Cricket bat is the first in a line of affordable, good quality equipment. We are specifically looking to market this in parts of the world where cricket equipment is expensive and difficult to get.  The first ever wildFire Burn is now being used in Zimbabwe, perhaps this is the first time Diginate stickers have been seen on warm Zimbabwean soil?
Thanks to Diginate we are also able to offer our customers the opportunity to customise the stickers on their bats. One of our Yorkshire customers asked for the Yorkshire Rose and because Diginate is so flexible with size and design we were able to oblige and our customer was overjoyed at the result.
We are passionate about the game and what it can do for people. We are aggressive in trying to obtain quality stuff at an affordable price. Diginate is perfect for us as they provide much better quality stickers than our previous suppliers and at a much better price. This mean we can sell our bats to people who want quality but don’t wish to let go of an appendage to get it!"