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Friday 17 February

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Gift box Labels List

Gift box labels

Thursday 30 August

Branding labels for high-end gift boxes

Ghost Effects List Image

Guitar pedal stickers

Monday 23 April

Branding handmade guitar pedals and labeling controls.


Educational poster prints

Friday 17 February

Beautifully designed educational posters printed by Diginate.

MatthewLukeHair List Image

Using stickers for salon branding and promotion.

Beer bottle labels list image

Beer bottle labels

Tuesday 28 August

Labels for homebrew beer bottles

El Pulpo List image

Stylized custom cut stickers of popular film, game, and anime characters.

Beer pump label list image

Cider pump and bottle labels

Thursday 23 August

Pump and bottle labels for artisan cider producer.

Gas Goat Stickers List Image

Illustrated promo stickers

Thursday 8 March

Promotional stickers sent out with print orders.

Beat Bullying list image

Charity awareness stickers

Thursday 22 March

Stickers and posters for online charity campaign.

Canvas Funk List image

Branding frames

Wednesday 28 March

Branding up printed canvases

Creative Glass List Image

Packaging Stickers

Thursday 12 April

Branding stickers for glass products

Art poster prints

Art poster prints

Thursday 16 August

Limited edition graphic poster prints.

Alfred List Image

Stickers to promote app

Thursday 19 April

Stickers to brand promo items for an app

Tip Juice List Image

Product labels

Thursday 5 April

Branding up a specialist climbing product


Creative DVD labels

Friday 17 February

A DVD label that ties in with the film

Isotype List Image

Guerilla campaign stickers

Wednesday 2 May

Stickers raising campaign awareness

Papercats List

Illustrated Art Prints

Thursday 13 September

Art prints of charming feline illustrations

Frisbee sticker list

Frisbee stickers

Wednesday 3 October

Branding a frisbee for a photoshoot

Perfume bottle labels list

Perfume labels

Tuesday 11 December

Branding fragrance oil bottles

Fashion Stickers List

Fashion stickers

Wednesday 10 July

Stickers for online fashion and design brand

snapback stickers

Snapback stickers

Tuesday 19 May

Custom printed stickers for snapback hats

Gordon Robertson Main 2

Jewellery packaging labels

Friday 17 February

Using metallic stickers on cufflink boxes.

Digital Sizzle feature

Tech community stickers

Tuesday 15 May

Promotional stickers for London tech events

Bookish main image 3

Branding for literary products

Friday 17 February

Book stickers for literary gifts

Heaton Property List Image

Estate agent window stickers

Wednesday 13 June

Promotional stickers for award winning letting agency

Wedding photographer stickers List

Multipurpose branding stickers for wedding photography company

Custom guitar decal graphics list image

Custom guitar graphics

Friday 25 October

7 String guitar with custom cut decal graphics

Company logo wall graphic list

Company Logo Wall Graphic

Wednesday 27 November

Branding for animation studio interior wall

Arcade Machine Graphics List

Arcade cabinet stickers

Wednesday 13 June

Adding graphics to a retro arcade cabinet

Alastair thumbnail

Promotional stickers for an illustrator.

Gumball decal sticker

Gumball 3000 Car Decal Sticker

Wednesday 27 June

Decal stickers for Gumball 3000 car.

Photography Stickers List

Photography stickers

Monday 2 July

Camera branding stickers for a professional photographer

Wedding Labels List

Wedding labels

Tuesday 3 July

Labels for wedding favours


Scented candle stickers

Friday 13 September

Branding stickers for a scented candle company

QR Barcode Stickers List

QR Barcode Labels

Wednesday 11 July

Barcode stickers and floor graphics for design exhibition

Self cling car sticker

Roadtest car stickers

Thursday 23 August

Self cling car window stickers for auto roadtests

Boat Stickers List

Pedalo Stickers

Tuesday 4 September

Boat branding for a charity pedalo journey.

Propercorn list image

Sample tray stickers

Thursday 4 October

Tray stickers for popcorn tasters

Clive List

Spacehopper stylee

Sweet bag labels list

Sweet bag labels

Wednesday 3 April

Branding up retro sweet bags

Gaming PC stickers list image

Gaming PC Stickers

Wednesday 7 August

Window stickers for gaming PCs


Product design stickers

Thursday 12 September

Promotional stickers for Norwegian product design company

Metallic gold book covers list

Metallic gold book covers

Friday 25 October

Short-run gold foil block style book covers

Swimming pool stickers list

Swimming pool stickers

Tuesday 26 November

Decorative window stickers for a swimming pool.

Sweet packaging labels

Sweet jar labels

Wednesday 7 May

Branding for confectionary jars

Wall stickers for school canteen

Wall graphics for a school canteen

Car club stickers List

Car club stickers

Friday 16 May

Vehicle decal stickers for kit car club

Cat stickers list

Cat sticker packs

Friday 27 June

Intellectual feline sticker packs

Beer Pong table sticker list

Beer pong table stickers

Tuesday 8 July

Graphics for a custom built beer pong table

Bespoke bike stickers list

Bespoke motorbike stickers

Friday 3 October

Custom shape vinyl stickers for motorcycle brand

Gallery window graphics list

Exhibition window graphics

Friday 27 March

Window stickers for gallery show

Puck Stickers List

Puck Stickers

Wednesday 11 November

Customised hockey puck wedding favours

mirror sticker

Custom printed mirror

Monday 15 February

Making a vintage style printed mirror

Custom warning stickers

Custom warning stickers

Monday 15 February

Bespoke warning stickers for unusual problems

Keyboard skins list

Custom keyboard wraps

Monday 15 February

Printed skins for Apple keyboards

3D poster print

3D Poster prints

Monday 15 February

Make a 3D printed poster

Vinyl sticker clothing tags

Vinyl sticker clothing tags

Monday 15 February

Custom die cut clothing tags using vinyl stickers

software shortcut stickers

Software shortcut stickers

Friday 19 February

Handy stickers listing shortcut combinations


Postal tube stickers

Monday 19 June

Custom postal tube stickers