Tips & tricks from diginate

Create vector paths in photoshop

Making a vector path in photoshop

You can create **vector** paths in Photoshop by using the magic wand or magnetic lasso tool to select the area for the path, then hit the 'Make Work Path' icon on the Paths pane. You can then copy it using the Path Selection tool on the main toolbar (small black arrow) and take it into Illustrator.


Get some stock images

Need a photo or image to add to your design but don't know where to get it from? Try searching on fotolia.co.uk. They have millions of images in bitmap and vector format for you to download from just 60p!

Vectorise your images

Easily convert bitmaps to vector files

You can automatically convert bitmap files to vectors on www.vectormagic.com. Just upload your image and the website does the rest.

Vector files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Free design software

Get free design software

GIMP is a photo and image editing program equivalent to Adobe Photoshop.

Inkscape is a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator.

They both have tools and functions comparable to commercial applications.


300 is the magic number

When preparing artwork for print, remember that to guarantee a great quality print the image must be 300dpi or above. Unless, of course, you're using a vector file which can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Converting text to outlines

Converting text to outlines

If you supply a vector file with text you need to convert the text to outlines or the font may drop out. To do this in Adobe Illustrator select the text and go Type > Create outlines. Job done!

text point size

Text point size

If you want the text to be legible on your sticker please keep to a minimum of 6 point.

Applying contour cut stickers

Applying contour cut stickers with several parts

Got a contour cut design comprising of several different pieces and want to apply them to something in the correct place? Remove the excess sticker material from the sheet and rub masking tape across the stickers. Lift the tape from the sheet and rub the whole thing onto the application surface before pulling the tape off, leaving the individual parts intact.

Get creative with fonts

Get creative with fonts

Tired of the same old fonts? Want to liven up your designs? www.dafont.com has tons of unusual fonts you can download for free and use in your creations!



Always prepare your artwork in CMYK colour mode rather than RGB. RGB is designed for screens so some of the brightest colours are beyond the printable gamut.

Image bleed

Adding bleed to your artwork

If the print goes right to the edge of your sticker always extend your artwork with an extra 2mm bleed to allow for small variances in cutting. That way you won't have a slither of white down the edge of your sticker!

File formats

File formats

Please supply your artwork in pdf, ai, eps, jpg, tiff, psd, png or gif format. We can't accept artwork in formats such as doc, ppt, wps and pub.

Actual size

Prepare artwork at actual size

Your artwork should always be prepared at the size you'd like the print. You can set the document size in the 'Document Setup' dialogue box on Illustrator or the 'Canvas Size' feature on Photoshop.

Contour cut line

Adding a contour cut line

If you're ordering contour cut sticker you need to indicate your cut line on a seperate layer of your Photoshop or Illustrator artwork. If no line is specified we will add one at our discretion.

White and spot gloss

Specify white and gloss areas

If you add a spot gloss varnish option, or choose a product that uses a white layer (clear and metallic stickers) you'll need to specify which parts of the sticker you'd like printed in white and which parts you'd like spot gloss varnished. To indicate this shade the areas you'd like on a seperate layer on Photoshop or Illustrator.


Add a border

Art paper prints and posters often look best with a white border. If you decide to use one make sure you factor it into the final poster size when you get a quote.

Custom samples

Get a custom sample

Since we have no minimum order we don't offer custom samples. If you're thinking of ordering a longer run but would like to see the product first why not just order one sticker or poster?

Applying a large sticker

Applying a large sticker

Diginate stickers are nice and thick to make application easier. Just gradually pull the backing paper away whilst smoothing the sticker on with the palm of your hand.

Guaranteed delivery

Guarantee your delivery

Choosing the DHL delivery option guarantees you a trackable delivery one working day from dispatch.

Colour palatte

Get some colour inspiration

If you're bored of the same old colour combinations why not check out colour palatte generating websites such as colrd.com for some inspiration?

Design online

Design your artwork online

Don't have any specialist design software on your computer? Don't worry! You can use our online designer to generate your artwork.

Show off

Show off your Diginate projects

Done something cool with your Diginate products? We'd love to see it! Why not post pictures on our facebook page?!


Maximum file upload

Keep an eye on your filesize - our maximum file size is 500mb. If you're preparing poster artwork and struggling to stay below that try saving down as a flattened jpg or a tif with file compression.

Ask us

Ask us a question

Need to find something we haven't covered in our help section? Just send us a message via our contact form and we'll try and get back to you the same working day.

QR Code

Add a QR code

Make your stickers or posters interactive with a QR Code linking through to your website or social media profile.