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  • Selecting a product

    Choose a base product for your Diginate prints. You can find out more about our options using the Products menu at the top of the page.

    Vinyl stickers are vinyl based stickers with a permanent adhesive on the back. They are available in matt, gloss, clear, heavyweight gloss and heavyweight matt options.

    Metallic stickers are polyester based stickers in a reflective silver, gold, brushed aluminum, brushed gold, holographic or sparkly finish. They have a permanent adhesive.

    Window stickers are reverse printed vinyl stickers with a permanent adhesive. They are designed to be applied to the inside of a window, with the print facing out. They can be opaque (gloss) or clear.

    Self-cling stickers do not have an adhesive, but instead, use static to adhere. For best results, they should be used on glass, although they can be effective on other highly polished surfaces. They can be opaque (gloss) or clear. By default, the clear self-cling stickers are reverse printed to go on the inside of a window. If you require clear self-cling stickers that are not reverse printed please make a note in the order comment box.

    Posters cover our selection of posters and art papers.

    Wall stickers are heavyweight stickers with a low-tack adhesive. They are designed to be repositionable and work well on a variety of surfaces.