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  • Selecting a product

    Choose a base product for your Diginate prints. You can find out more about our options using the Products menu at the top of the page.

  • Choosing finishing options

    We can supply your stickers as multiples on a sheet, individuals or die cut. Posters are always supplied as individuals.

  • Selecting a shape

    We offer a range of cutting options dependent on which product you've chosen.

  • Selecting a material

    The material option allows you to choose between various materials and finishes.

  • Adding a special finish

    Our special finishes are optional. Add a spot gloss varnish layer to certain sticker and poster products. The spot gloss varnish adds a layer of high gloss to enhance specific areas of your design. Please clearly mark the areas you would like this applied to on your artwork.

  • Specifying size and quantity

    Select the size and the quantity of your prints. Minimum and maximum sizes vary from product to product - we'll let you know if you exceed it. The minimum quantity for all products is 1, but unit costs do decrease with volume so experiment with quantities to get a great price.

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